Buzz about "The Calculus of Change"


Publishers Weekly

"Short chapters, framed around Aden’s memories and interactions, leap from one challenge to the next in a way that makes the story a fast, engrossing read."


"The protagonist is a realistic and sympathetic heroine whose struggles with body image, love, and family issues will resonate with teens." 


School Library Journal

Kirkus Review

"Aden can’t help but fall for Tate’s “audacity and spirit” in calculus class. Aden’s white and Jewish—or is she Jewish, really? She’s unsure: her mother was Jewish but died when Aden was 7, and Aden’s felt unconnected with Jewishness ever since. What she’s sure of—and what readers will revel in—is her chemistry with Tate, who’s also white. Their flirting is electric, and he looks at her with eyes “full of light.” 


Madison's Library

"I expected Calculus of Change to be light-hearted contemporary, where math meets romance and trivial high school problems create light drama and much fun. Instead, Calculus of Change is a deep novel and touches on numerous heavy issues, from sexual assault to body image, relationship problems and self perception. It is thought provoking and written in an original style."


Jewish Book Council

"Romance. Drinking. Drugs. Bad grades. Troubled relationships. The Calculus of Change has it all.... the lessons and struggles in The Calculus of Change are relevant to today’s teens and the story is an engrossing read."


The Bookish Sisters

"I went into this book thinking I would get a cute teenage romance out of it and that by the time I finished reading it my heart would be full with love and other beautiful things. That is not quite what I got. I got much more than what I expected which is always a great thing when reading a book (in my opinion). I got some of the romance I craved, it was cute at times but it was also real, angsty, confusing and even a little heartbreaking. 

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